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I publish all single night observations I submit here:
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C/2020 B3 (Rankin)
C/2020 K6 (Rankin)
C/2020 R6 (Rankin)
C/2020 U3 (Rankin)
P/2020 W1 (Rankin)
P/2020 V4 (Rankin)
C/2021 C1 (Rankin)
P/2021 R5 (Rankin)
C/2021 V1 (Rankin)
P/2022 W1 (Rankin)

Understanding MPEC 2010-U20, Minor Planet Discovery Credit
Understanding Minor Planet Discovery Credit (MPEC 2010-U20)

Variable star discoveries as Guest Star Hunter with Vendegcsillag-kereso
2MASS J22485596+0011206

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Video Tutorials

This video is meant for the intermediate to advanced deep space astrophotographer who wants to identify known or unknown moving objects they may stumble across in their images. Software and guides used in this video are below. Study the Guide to Minor Body Astrometry carefully before sending anything to the MPC!

This is a video tutorial I put together on processing monochrome CCD images in Deep Sky Stacker and Photoshop. Enjoy!

This video tutorial is meant to introduce the viewer to basic techniques for processing planetary images. Images are usually obtained as a video to compensate for atmospheric turbulence and then processed into a still image by taking the best frames from the video.

Guides to Digital Astrophotography

Astrophotography Processing Tutorials - Take a look at my tutorials page for video tutorials on astrophotography image processing techniques.
Canon Rebel XSi Peltier Cooler Modification - This shows a modification I just finished to my DSLR to help reduce noise in long exposure astrophotography by cooling the camera's sensor down.
Hypertune Guide for EQ6, Atlas EQG Mount - This is a handy guide to self hyper-tune an Atlas or eq6 mount.
Cloudy Nights DSLR Imaging Forum - A DSLR imaging forum with some very friendly people.
Deep Sky Stacker, Guide to Better Images - A handy guide that explains why you shoot multiple lights, darks, and flats. Also, what they are 0.o
Gary Honis
Gary Honis is the man when it comes to astrophotography modifications. I have used his guides to modify my Canon Rebel XSi, Quickcam Pro 9000, and to build a Peltier Cooler Box for my DSLR.
Ivan Eder's Astrophotography
This guys DSLR images will blow your mind! Next best thing to the Hubble.

I offer all tutorials and applications I produce dirt cheap or free of charge. Please consider a donation :)