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Here you will find a collection of my work and hobbies which include, sculpture, web development, art, photography, astrophotography, flash flood footage, and dinosaur discoveries.

Publications (Web and Print):
- Published, High Country News - Flash Flood Chaser Here.
- Published, Space.com article on Lightning and Solar Wind Here.
- Published, National Geographic Photo of the Day for Sept. 1st 2011 Here.
- Published, August 2013 issue of National Geographic Magazine Here.
- Published, 2013 "Supermoon shot" on National Geographic's Website Here.
- Published, "Behind the shot" on Borrowlenses.com Here.
- Published, Earth Science Picture of the Day for 10/14/13 Here.
- Published, Earth Science Picture of the Day for 1/3/14 Here.
- Published, WashingtonPost Flash Flood Video Here.
- Published, "The Universe on a Shoestring" Deseret News Here.
- I also run the astronomy blog at The Old Farmer's Almanac Here.

Thanks for visiting my site! Feel free to follow me on Facebook, subscribe for image updates or email me with any inquiries. I post a lot more content to Facebook than ends up on my website.
Cheers! - David Rankin

Recent Photos:
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Reservation Storms
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The First Week of July
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Posted: 07/01/15
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