Quickly calculate the exposure length for your setup when shooting fast moving Near Earth Asteroids.

Quickly convert decimal hours output from FindOrb Ephemeris Generator to HH:MM.

Quickly find mid point of two measurements taken on streaked object.

Includes NTP server to keep system time accurate, checks every 2 minutes. Same NTP server that Microsoft .NET uses. Typically accurate to within 1/4 second.

Move objects generated by FindOrb into Stellarium

Download V2.2 Here


(Find Sub Exposure Time)
Enter Typical FWHM (Can get from Astrometrica).
Enter object speed.
Enter camera resolution in arc seconds / pixel.

(Convert Decimal Hours to Regular Time)
Enter in format or D.m to get time.

(Find Midpoint of Streaked Object)
Enter two 80 column MPC style measurements to get mid point.
Note: Do not use this mid point function for measurements taken on different nights! It will not be accurate.

(Sync Time with UTC NTP Server)
Select a server and wait 2 minutes or manually update.
Program requires admin permissions to run.

(Quickly Move Objects Genearted in FindOrb to Stellarium)
Select File: FindOrb2Stellarium and choose elements file generated in FindOrb.

Special thanks to Valer BOCAN for his awesome C# SNTP script.

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