Download V3 Here (Released 2/15/19)

I'm not maintaining the program anymore. I apologize if you run into bugs / problems but don't have time to fix them.


(Search ITF for matches to short arc asteroids)
This feature is a bit complicated to use, for a write-up on how to use it go here: Search ITF instructions

(Find Sub Exposure Time)
Enter Typical FWHM (Can get from Astrometrica).
Enter object speed.
Enter camera resolution in arc seconds / pixel.

(Find Midpoint of Streaked Object)
Enter two 80 column MPC style measurements to get mid point.
Note: Do not use this mid point function for measurements taken on different nights! It will not be accurate.

(Sync Time with UTC NTP Server)
Select a server and wait 2 minutes or manually update.
Program requires admin permissions to run.

(Quickly Move Objects Genearted in FindOrb to Stellarium)
Select Tools: FindOrb2Stellarium and choose elements file generated in FindOrb.

(Display FITS Headers)
Select Tools: Show FITS Header.

(Generate MPC Sky Coverage reports from your .fits files)
Generates Sky Coverage Report specified Here
Select Tools: SkyCov Report.
Enter Observatory Code.
Enter Camera RA FOV in Decimal Degrees (Example 0.45 or 1.52).
Enter Camera DEC FOV in Decimal Degrees (Example 0.45 or 1.52).
Enter Limiting Magnitude for the night. (Example 21).
Select multiple fits images, one for each location you were doing survey work.
Choose location to save the SkyCovReport.txt file.
Email file to (Always check for errors in file before sending)

(Quick Conversions)
Select Tools: Quick Convert. (Preloaded examples work)
-Convert HMS to Decimal Degrees. Accepts a number of different configurations.
Valid: 05 28 55 +52 26 46 Valid: 05:28:55.321-52:26:46.1 Valid: 05,28,55.32 -52:26:46.1
-Convert back from Decimal Degrees to HMS
-Convert calendar (CE) dates to JDT (adopted from Press et al.)
-Convert MPC Decimal Days to Day HH:MM:SS.S
More conversions to come...

Special thanks to Daniel Bamberger from Northolt Branch Observatories for providing his technical expertise in development of the ITF Search Functions.

Special thanks to Valer BOCAN for his awesome C# SNTP script.

I offer all applications I produce free of charge. Please consider a donation :)