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The fireball was spotted by other observers, and an American Meteor Society event ID was assigned. You can find that here: Read More


1. Where do all of the trees / debris come from?

A lot of people are surprised to see so much wood / debris in these floods. This debris travels long distances from where the floods are being generated. For instance, If I film... Read More

Above we have an fantastic ultra patriotic image that was shared tens of thousands of times online. While the photographer did admit to it being a "composite" with the moon scaled up 75%, I found it to be a bit more of a complete work of fantasy a... Read More

I reached out to them to ask for the firmware to roll back to, and they refused to provide it.

Luckily, a nice user on the Zmodo forums had the firmware and made it available to me. Rolling it back fixed the issues.

I am mak... Read More

From that point I never would have guessed that a hobby taking backyard snaps of deep space objects would turn into a scientific endeavor. After spending about 8 years taking “pretty pictures” of deep space with better and better equipment, I wond... Read More

If you do some searches, you can see this series of laptop has been plagued with hinge problems. I really feel like it would not have been difficult for them to just design the things without using plastic to mount the fucking hinges. Someone in t... Read More

I noticed that the interface was extremely laggy no matter what I did. Maxed out settings, installed guest additions ect. Nothing helped. I then found this article:

... Read More

I believe I finally got the upper hand on this attack. From what I'm reading on-line it was part of the drupalgeddon2 exploits. I didn't upgrade to 7.59 fast enough. People are claiming you should scrap your sites and servers over this. Not willin... Read More

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