View Asteroid Orbit - 3d Interactive Solar System

Asteroid Orbit View: This is a web based 3d application for viewing the solar system and plotting objects based on their orbital elements. Best performance with Chrome, Opera, or IE.

I update this application often. Please make sure to visit this page to launch the latest version V2.7H.


Please make sure you are running the latest version of your browser.
If you work for a large survey / observatory, you have my permission to use any images generated here in any publications you wish. Please credit Asteroid Orbit View.

Time (rewind and fast forward) - jump to date.
Fully interactive interface, orbit, zoom, ect.
Plot Halley's Comet by default
Plot and animate asteroids
Z and X keys to zoom if you don't have a mouse with a wheel
Load elements from text file generated by FindOrb
Seems to work best in Opera / Chrome

V2.7 update:
Still working on firefox issues, big performance boost in IE / Chrome / Opera.
Can now plot 20 interesting NEOs and select between them.

V2.6 update:
Trying to fix massive performance issues with Firefox. Bugs with the 2D text in webgl, switched all text to CSS3. Had to remove save image option, and webm video for now. Will work on new solutions.

V2.5 update:
Can record video in chrome / opera.
Setup scene where you want video to start with timespeed 0. Start Recording, click Stop when done satisfied with recording length.

V2.4 update:
Performance enhancements using multi-threading.

V2.3 update:
Asteroid orbit color changes when above orbital plane.

V2.2 update:
Option to hide outer planets (saturn - pluto).
Option to show/hide axes.
Bug fixes.

V2.1 update:
Can load elements from a text file created by FindOrb

V2.0 update:
Performance updates.

V1.9 update:
Plot multiple asteroids on same scene.

V1.8 update:
Performance updates.

V1.7 update:
Added planet markers.
Added pause option.

V1.6 updates:
Option to show axes.

V1.5 updates:
Changed to orthographic projection.
Made clock stop at time speed 0.
HUD displays object name.

V1.4 updates:
Added Pluto by default.
Updated planet elements to more accurate elements.

Special thanks to Daniel Bamberger from Northolt Branch Observatory for help refining this program.

Created with Three.js

I offer all applications I produce free of charge. Please consider a donation :)